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About Us

Dance Rooms

At Shooting Star Dance Studio, we have two dance rooms, offer multiple classes at the same time. Both classrooms are equipped with Marley Floor for anti slip dancing, as well as a sprung dance floor to prevent injury.  Studio B Photo



Our Annual Dance Showcase At The Barre Opera House


Large Bathroom

We have a large and convenient bathroom for dancer. And a changing station for little siblings.


Waiting Room

We offer a enclosed and convenient waiting room for families. This prevents distraction to dancers, while letting the families enjoying watching their dancer on a live TV viewing.



Wall to Wall coverage of Mirror for each dancer to see themselves and master that dance move! 

Studio A Photo


Kitchen Area

Convenient Kitchen area for families that need to have a little snack between dance classes or a dancer that needs to get their school work done. We also offer a vending machine with drinks and snack available for convenience. Large kitchen table available.


Are All Dance Studios The Same?

Here's Why Shooting Star Dance Studio is the Right Choice!

Studio rooms equipped with Marley and sprung dance floors, which help reduce the risk of injuries, and allow students to dance longer without getting fatigued.


Smaller Class sizes and with Assistant Teachers – This allows for more individual attention and faster progression.

Mirrors that start at the floor – Dancers can see their feet from any place on the dance floor.

Age appropriate music, costumes and choreography – We reinforce positive values your dancers learn at home and school everyday.

Competitive and non-competitive class options – We allow you to choose how much time and money you want to spend on your child’s dance education.

Variety of dance styles with teachers specialized in each style– Some studios do not offer or reinforce ballet, the foundation of all dance and a necessary skill for any dancer.

Waiting room - Our waiting room in enclosed and away from the Dance Rooms, so dancer do NOT get distracted by family and friends. 

Enclosed Dance Rooms - Each dancer room is inclosed with a door so dancers don't get distracted by others coming in and out of the building. 

End of the year Recognition for Dance Years and Accomplishments. (Dancer of the Year)

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